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Our offer

  • Project evaluation/ assessments
  • Short-term placements with a fixed task specification
  • Long-term placements to support projects development process

An interim advisor offers you flexible and cost-efficient access to qualified professionals and managers in various fields of business.

He transfers knowledge where necessary and wanted and together with the local team he works on joint solutions and encourages personal intitiative.
The interim advisor will never take over the role as a project coordinator. He is a team member giving new inspiration and as an outsider questions and argues more from a „big picture“ point of view.

To create a job description you name your consulting needs, which qualifications you expect and when and for how long you need an interim advisor.
We will suggest possible candidates, set up interviews to allow you to make the final choice. In addition we prepare the interim advisor prior to his assignment.
Working on a project with an interim advisor can bring new and long term partnerships beyond donations.

Sustainability is our aim


We aim to offer sustainable and safe placements, which benefit to all the parties involved. We only work with approved non-profit organizations and social enterprises that meet the following requirements:

  • The project/ enterprise already exists. Manager für Menschen does not initiate projects.
  • Overseas projects and enterprises must have been initiated by that country.
  • The project or social enterprise is financially independent. Manager für Menschen supports only with knowledge and expertise. We do not offer financial support.
  • The project design is sustainable. The assignment of an interim advisor offers expertise which is only short-term, but which can facilitate the independent development of the project.

Manager für Menschen does not send interim advisors to areas affected by war or crisis.

During the time that we work together you will be an important guide to the interim advisor. We require that you support your interim advisor by ensuring their integration into your existing team.

How much does an interim advisor cost?


In order not to affect the project budget, most of the costs will be covered by the interim advisor and he or she will not ask for any salary.
However the recruitment of interim advisors is a work and time consuming process. In addition to preparing the interim advisor for their assignment, we also offer support throughout and after the assignment.

Manager für Menschen is not supported by donations. Therefore we ask you to contribute to the costs of your interim advisors placement, preparation and pre- and post-trip briefings.

If possible you also cover costs for accommodation, food and local transport.

That sounds good for you?

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