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Manager für Menschen

Do you want to get socially involved?

Are you convinced that sharing your knowledge and experience can have a sustainable impact?
Are you looking for a change in perspective to develop your personal skills?

And at the same time you want to take a break from your daily routine and come back inspired and highly motivated?

Then you have come to the right place!

What we do

Since 2011 we have been recruiting and placing professionals and managers as interim advisors in social projects and enterprises in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We thus offer socially involved and interested people the chance to integrate a ‘social sabbatical’ into their active professional life.

For companies, we design innovative sabbaticals and human resources development programmes.

That way NGO’s and social enterprises have flexible and cost-efficient access to qualified professionals and managers.

Our objective

We want to show, that business and social responsibility belong together.

Our objective is to create intercultural learning and development platforms to facilitate mutual knowledge transfer which results in a valuable experience for everyone involved.

News from us

Manager für Menschen Blog

We are based in Stuttgart.
But we call the world our home.

Find the latest news, see where you can meet us in person and read who is talking about us.

Immerse yourself in the world of an interim-advisor as some of them share their best moments with us.

Most of our blog posts are written in German. But then pictures speak louder than words anyway.

Social involvement worldwide

Our projects

All project partners are approved organizations in the public, private or religious sector.

We place great value on the fact that projects are initiated by local people and are  sustainable. We only place an interim advisor if there is an identified need by the project organization itself.

Specific know-how and professional advice are needed in organization, administration, controlling, project management, sales, marketing and production. All placements offer a wide range of possibilities to contribute to joint solutions.

Please note:
We don’t do placements in orphanages, as a teacher in schools or in areas unrelated to your competencies.

Aktuelle Projekte

Everything at a glance

Our services

Professionals & Managers

    • Sabbatical coaching
    • Social sabbatical
    • Volunteer work for professionals and managers
    • Intercultural trainings

NGOs & Social enterprises

    • Project evaluation / assessments
    • Short-term placements with a fixed task specification
    • Long-term placements to support the developpment process of projects


    • Innovative sabbatical programmes
    • Human resources development
    • Social sabbatical outplacement
    • Gentle transition from work to retirement

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