Your first steps


Professionals and managers

Take a break from your daily routine and come back inspired and highly motivated. Get socially involved, share your knowledge and expertise, and at the same time develop your personal skills.

Working as an interim advisor is not only an intercultural and professional challenge; it can also lead to a change in perspective and is a unique experience.

For NGOs

The success and sustainability of your work relies on qualified employees. But some of your projects might need the short term assistance of experts or advisors, who can be hard to find in the local labour market and very often are too expensive.

An interim advisor offers you flexible and cost-efficient access to qualified professionals and managers.

For companies

Our complex business world brings new challenges for human resources management. With a ‘social sabbatical’ you do not only offer your employees the possibility to do good and get socially involved.
Learning and experiencing in foreign countries encourages solution-oriented thinking, refines the international profile of your employees, and enhances the ability to cope with complex and unforeseen situations.