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Rückblick… mein Jahr 2022… mit Manager für Menschen!

Was für ein spannendes Jahr für mich mit Manager für Menschen… es war lange geplant und vorbereitet, habe viele Momente mit Vorfreude verbracht und nun liegt das alles schon hinter mir und ist zugleich noch so präsent!

Me, myself and I around the world… neugierig?
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Muchos saludos!


Investment in happiness

The idea to go abroad as a temporary consultant is quickly made: the process of grasping what this means for me and for those I work with is still ongoing.

The intensive preparation with Elke was already extremely valuable. But how she managed to find such a suitable project for me is almost unbelievable.

From the first moment I felt at home in the organization of Volunteers Foundation. The motive of making high-quality education accessible to those who cannot afford, appealed to me very much. And the way this idea is implemented is really convincing: Providing choices and perspectives to children from Kibera, a huge township in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, through the three pillars of health, education and nutrition. Volunteers Foundation promotes inclusivity, equity and innovation in education as a way to enable every child full potential.

I got the opportunity to support Volunteers Foundation with the content focus „Teampower – how to strengthen communication & relations in challenging times“. My task was to work with the team on site and offer lessons on „Collaboration & Teamwork“ for the 5th to 7th grade students.

Not easy when you don’t know the people you are going to meet. So it was all the more wonderful to see how open and enthusiastic everyone was right from the start. We took the cultural differences with humor and there was not a single moment when anyone felt uncomfortable.

Another amazing experience was the Reading Club, a voluntary reading class for the little ones. It was magical to see how committed they were and, above all: they didn’t want to stop. Even though it was already four o’clock in the afternoon, they would have loved to stay and read the next story.

The time was so intense and enriching, I am sure that I took away more learnings than I could give. And: I continue to work with the organization from home – thanks to digital technology I am back in Kenya with a click and can see my lovely team members.

I can only recommend Volunteers Foundation to anyone who is interested in the welfare of children and the African continent. The organizational culture is unique and the trustful relationship that has formed in such a short time is incredible.

I am so grateful for this experience and wish for much more of it.

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